Freedom Through Digital Education

Association of "Young Past Tablers" creating a BETTER INDIA by providing DIGITAL EDUCATION tool to RTI FTE school across India, Serving underprivileged children and making them future ready..

Share Your Joy

SYJ is a 41 Clubs initiative to encourage 41ers to take up community service activities.

Some of the suggested SYJ activities:

Visit the Prospect Premises: like Schools, Old Age Homes, Orphanages etc.

Srinivasu Saraswatula
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Team Together Forever
Dear 41 India,

I extend you and your family greetings from the national board 2023-24. A warm welcome to the world of 41ers, to a family of over 35,000 members spread across the world.

I took over as your President from 41er B.K.Singh Deo at a glittering ceremony in Kolkata on Sept 16, 2023.

My theme for the year is TOGETHER FOREVER. (Click Here)
We make things happen TOGETHER.
We make things matter FOREVER.
It is with this spirit my board will work for you and communities we serve tirelessly and selflessly.

As 41ers, we continue to celebrate the bonds of friendship we formed in tabling. We are here for each other, forever. We are the people you can trust, rely on and confide with the knowledge that you won’t be judged.

We are not just a fellowship organisation but also a family organisation. So your joining us brings in with you, your family members as well.

My key focus area are (Click Here)

  • Fellowship amongst 41ers and families.
  • Extension.
  • Community service - playing an active role in creating a better India. We have two projects Freedom Through Digital Education and Share Your Joy.
  • Strong organisation structure.
You would be happy to know that we have received 80G exemption from IT department. This would enable us further partner with corporates and HNIs on service projects by attracting CR Funds.

Let us celebrate our friendship that is built on trust, shared experiences and deep connection formed over our tabling time together. We nurture it further as move into a new phase of our life.